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From "Radha Sangal" <>
Subject RE: classpath
Date Mon, 20 Dec 2004 15:33:38 GMT
One problem I solved of class path in eclipse was to set it in 
Project-->Properties->java Build-->libraries... 

It might help!

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From: Rajiv Jaitly [] 
Sent: Monday, December 20, 2004 10:17 AM
Subject: classpath

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I have defined an an ant target that does some work and while going
through its tasks it generates a java class and compiles it on the fly.
I am getting class not found error when i see that the class in defined
in the CLASSPATH for this target. But the same target runs fine if ran
from command prompt and system classpath (windows)  included this jar. I
am running the ant script from Eclipse. I have defined the classpath in
the any target class path but it ignores it completely. How can i tell
ant to look into system classpath for information when it starts to run
this target.  ? or could i init classpath in ant init target so it is
available to every target.



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