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From Joel <>
Subject Re: Environment variables and mac osx
Date Thu, 16 Dec 2004 05:40:38 GMT
> Having issues with my ant build script finding
> environment variables on the mac osx. We are running
> 10.3, it works fine on Windows, but on Mac OSX, under
> bash or t-shell, they show up when we shell and echo
> them out, but they are not getting picked up by ant at
> all.

Well the first question that comes to mind, are you getting the
variables properly exported? setenv (or export), and not set?

> Is there a problem with Ant on Mac OSX in finding
> environment variables? Is there a specific location we
> need to set them for Ant to pick them up?

Like Erik, I'm not aware of anything special on my platform. There is
some special stuff about setting up the default environment, but nothing
special about setting the shell variables.

> While on the subject, is there any concern with linux
> and the same issue? We will do builds on windows, mac
> osx, linux and eventually solaris.

Ant should basically be the same on any of the Unix-like OSses.

Java will be mostly (better than 99.9%) the same, unless you have used
platform dependent stuff.

Joel Rees   <>
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