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From Joel <>
Subject srcDir and destDir semantics
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 12:58:22 GMT
Long question here --

I've been assuming that srcDir in the <javac/> task essentially sets the
directory from which the compile will occur, so that, for instance, the

would reflect a directory structure 


underneath the directory specified by srcDir. This seems to work well,
and the includes and excludes attributes seem to control things the way
I want (except for the destDir worked for a while, but doesn't work now).

However, <depend/> seems, from the docs, not to accept includes and
excludes attributes. It does have the <include/> and <exclude/> elements,
but the <include/> element does not seem to limit the effect. I tried
the includes attribute anyway, and it didn't cause syntax errors, but it
still did the same thing. 

What it did was, given 



    <include name="jp/co/ddcom/sample/*.java"/>

it also worked through and deleted all the class files in 


as well. (Yeah, now I know that's a stupid way to make a backup

So, I tried setting srcDir in the <depend/> task to 


and this time it ignored the backup directory.

So, the question. srcDir sets the -sourcepath argument for <javac/>? 

But for <depend/>, srcDir just says, "only look in this directory"?

Joel Rees   <>
digitcom, inc.   株式会社デジコム
Kobe, Japan   +81-78-672-8800
** <> **

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