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Subject Re: maven
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 09:27:28 GMT

> > Eventually we dropped Maven in favor of Magic.  
>  I found it ! (not so easy)


>  What is the project license ?


>  It is really really interesting. It looks like the build system I'm currently
>  implementing. Differences come from the fact my development is
>  performance-driven based. Many build.xml to parse and evaluate is too
> long to
>  process.

also looks similar to frameworks I have been building up; though I have long since eschewed
a Maven approach (POM)...too constraining with large development teams and any
event I guess when things get too large, no generic approach is suitable.

>  I must see my boss to convince it to open-source it... I'm proud of it

neat.....I find that managing and compositing data is potentially the hardest problem after
defining/managing component are u managing dependencies? do u manage any
aspect of data? any versioning of data being performed? does it scale to enterprise (ejb testing
for example) ...any integration with message queues? etc... 

cheers, Jim Fuller

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