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Subject How to get ANT + CVS to work in Eclipse?
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 17:59:28 GMT

(First time trying to "post" -- hope this works) 

I am using Eclipse 2.1.3 (or 3.0.1) and would like to write an ANT-script, to be run from
within Eclipse, that would check out some list of projects, but when I try to run the cvs-task,
it crashes because I have not logged in; when I try to log in, it hangs because there is no
log-in console (or something).  So how do I do it? I append my attempt at a script, with the
non-functional stuff commented out ... 


<project name="checkout" default="run">

   <target name="checkOutAll">
      <echo message="NO CHECK OUT!!"></echo>
<!-- - ->
      <cvs command="login"
<!- - - -> 
      <cvs command="checkout" package="" 
<!- - --> 

   <target name="bumpVersionAll" description="Increment the plugin.xml version-#">
      <echo file="plugin.xml" message="plugin 0.3.81"></echo>
      <echo message="basedir = ${basedir}/.."></echo>
      <replace token="0.3.81" value="0.3.82" dir="${basedir}/..">
         <include name="**/plugin.xml"/>

   <target name="refreshAll" depends="bumpVersionAll" description="Refresh each project">
      <!-- ANT provides no way to list all resources --> 
      <eclipse.refreshLocal resource="" depth="infinite"/>
      <eclipse.refreshLocal resource="" depth="infinite"/>
      <eclipse.refreshLocal resource="" depth="infinite"/>

   <target name="run" depends="checkOutAll, refreshAll">


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