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From Tim McNerney <>
Subject Using the expansion from <globmapper>
Date Wed, 15 Dec 2004 23:07:21 GMT
I am using <globmapper> from an <xslt> task. I would like to be able to 
use the expanded portion (equivalent to extractVariablePart from the 
code) within the task. So for example:

<xslt basedir="src" destdir="dest" style="foo.xsl">
     <globmapper from="*Test.xml" to="*Test.html"/>
     <param name="testName" expression="@{variable.part}"/>

Where @{variable.part} (or the equivalent) would be "Bob" for 
"BobTest.xml" and "Larry" for "LarryTest.xml".

Is there some way to access the portion of the glob which got mapped? 
If not, is there some simple other way to do this (I'd rather not have 
it as part of the .xsl script, though I don't even know if that is 
possible, but will work with anything I get)? If not, is there any 
reasonably simple way of extending Ant to add such behavior?



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