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From "Robert Soesemann" <>
Subject RE: Combine Apply + XSLT task
Date Fri, 26 Nov 2004 15:03:35 GMT
In the ant-contrib manual is no example for the foreach task. Can
anybody give an example of how to iterate e.g. over all .xml files in a
folder structure.

I also could not find out how to get the path and name of the currently
iterated file.

What I need is something like: (pseudocode)

Foreach file of type **/*.xml in dir X do
  Store Property path = file + file_path
  Proccess file with xyz.xsl and store result in dir YXZ
End do

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Subject: RE: Combine Apply + XSLT task

"Robert Soesemann" <> wrote ..
> Thanks, that much better than apply. But I couldn't find out how to 
> extract and pass the path of the currently processed file.

could try something like;

<project name="yourproject">

<fileset id="filedir" dir="."/>

<property name="filepath" refid="filedir"/>



you might have to process from here with a <foreach/> as well....

gl, Jim Fuller

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