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From "Rich Wagner" <>
Subject Is there a way to echo tasks as they are executed ?
Date Wed, 17 Nov 2004 19:52:41 GMT
Hi Folks,

I am currently faced with needing to understand a number of Ant buildfiles 
(which call each other) which are new to me.  It'd be very helpful if I 
could somehow invoke Ant so that (in addition to doing its normal build 
execution of tasks) right before each task is executed, the task itself is 
echo-ed, post-property expansion.

For example, one of the tasks I see in one of the buildfiles looks like:

            toolsDir="${tools.dir}" />

That refers to a custom task written where I work.  We have other such 
custom tasks, and to my knowledge, none of those tasks does anything special 
if "verbose" is on.

So one thing that would help me trace -- in the Ant output -- when this gets 
executed AND what the attribute values are per execution would be some way 
to invoke Ant so that something like this shows up right before the task's 

            toolsDir="/bin/tools" />

Any help or suggestions ?  Keep in mind that I'm looking at Ant files that 
call each other, so echo-ing just the tasks executed in the top-level Ant 
file but NOT in the Ant files that are invoked by it via <ant> ...  well, 
that wouldn't be very helpful...  In other words, I'm imagining some echo 
feature that propogates into sub-buildfiles, just as the "-verbose" option 

Thanks in advance,
Rich Wagner

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