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From <>
Subject getUserProperty and getProperty
Date Thu, 11 Nov 2004 18:56:02 GMT


Thank you very much. This helps me a lot.

Will properties I set with  project.setNewProperty() persist, for the
liftime of the build? So I can set my property in one target and
derefereence it in another?


User properties are those specified on the command line. They are always
inherited when across <ant/> boundaries.

You should use project.setNewProperty() to set a normal property. - this
maintains property imutablity.
project.getProperty() is used to retrieve the value of a property (this
be a normal property or a user property).

An example of setting properties is in

Peter wrote:

Hi folks,

What is the exact difference between the API-calls  getUserProperty and
getProperty. And:
What is the exact difference between the API-calls  setUserProperty and
setProperty. When ist advised to use which?

I'm a bit confused. I am writing my own tasks and I have started to use
getUserProperty because it did what I wanted but I didn't know that
[s|g]etProperty existed.

Thanks for enlightenment.


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