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From Casey Daniell <>
Subject passing Ant property values to new build
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2004 16:45:15 GMT

I am a long time ant user but for some reason I am stumped on this, maybe 
its too early in the morning.

Here is the problem. I am have one ant script calling another via the ant 
task. I want the value of a property to be transmitted to the new build not
the string literal itself.
   basedir == /foo (not in any syntax)

   <property name="tools.home"  value="${basedir}/../tools" />
   <property name="stack.home" value="${basedir}/../stack" />


   <subant buildpath="common/build.xml" target="dist" inheritAll="false" >
      <property name="tools.home"  value="${tools.home}" />
      <property name="stack.home"  value="${stack.home}" />

This code snippet sends ${tools.home} to the ant script that is called not
wanted /foo/../tools

How do I do this?
Much thanks,

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