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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: Possible Ant 1.6.1 bug when Javadoc task is used in conjunction with Cruise Control 2.1.6.
Date Fri, 19 Nov 2004 17:07:13 GMT
Cruse Control 2.16 comes with an ant.jar from ant 1.5.3. This
is the most likely the ant that is being used by cruise control.


Stephen Smith wrote:

>Hi there, 
>I've configured Cruise Control 2.1.6 to check out multiple projects
>from CVS for the purposes of executing the unit tests associated with
>each project, and then generating JavaDoc. 
>Cruise Control 2.1.6 will quite happily check out the projects and
>successfully run their unit tests. However, if the Ant 1.6.1 build
>script associated with a monitored project specifies a Javadoc target
>that includes Ant 1.6+ attributes ("breakiterator", for example), then
>Cruise Control fails with the following error message:
>"Javadoc task does not support the "breakiterator" attribute".
>I understand the above error message to be a standard error message
>fired by Ant 1.5 and below when an Ant 1.6+ attribute is specified.
>However, there are two reasons why I am not convinced that this is an
>Ant issue:
>01. I have checked, double-checked, and triple-checked our server and
>have confirmed that the only version hosted is Ant 1.6.1.
>02. If I run the Javadoc target for a monitored project directly from
>the server command line (i.e.
>/home/cruise/builds/checkout/Project-Name/, Ant will build the JavaDoc
>successfully and without complaining.
>I've checked the release notes of both Ant 1.6.2 and Cruise Control 2.2
>and have found no mention of such an error. Could anyone let me know if
>they've experienced a similar issue with Ant and / or Cruise Control?
>Thanks in advance, 
>Stephen Smith.
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