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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: "available" shouldn't actually load the class; just see if it's resolvable
Date Tue, 09 Nov 2004 19:35:32 GMT
David Smiley wrote:

> Does anyone want to offer their opinion?  It should be an easy change 
> and I think it would be very unlikely if this broke any existing builds.

It will break some builds.
Using the current method, the script knows that the class is present and 
useable, and so it can be used later in the build.

> ~ Dave
> David Smiley wrote:
>> Hello.  Recently I got the uddi4j source and I rant it's ant build 
>> script.  It turns out that it would conditionally compile some extras 
>> if I have Apache's soap & axis projects on the classpath.  I checked 
>> this via:
>>     <available classname="org.apache.soap.messaging.Message"
>>                property="apache-soap.available" />
>>     <available classname="org.apache.axis.Constants"
>>                property="apache-axis.available" />
>> Okay, so I rant ant again but I used the -lib option to specify those 
>> two jars.  However, ant failed to set those two properties!  I did a 
>> lot of troubleshooting, trying everything, and then I tried the ant 
>> -debug option which revealed the problem.  Ant was trying to actually 
>> load the classes in question (instead of just seeing if they are 
>> available) which in turn caused it to load dependent classes --some 
>> of which were not on the classpath.
>> I don't think ant's "available" task should actually load the class. 
>> Just see if the class is available by doing a getResource or 
>> something like that.
>> ~ David Smiley
>>   MITRE
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