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From Hans Deragon <>
Subject Re: AW: How to use a FileSet defined outside of javadoc target?
Date Mon, 08 Nov 2004 16:20:13 GMT
Hash: SHA1 wrote:
> <filesets> like any datatypes in Ant provides a id/refid mechanism.
> If you define a fileset giving an id you can refer to that via refid.
>    <path id="srcfiles">
>      <fileset id="srcfiles.fs" dir="/data/devel/java">
>        <include name="**/*.java"/>
>      </fileset>
>    </path>
>    <target name="doc">
>      <javadoc destdir="${localdoc}"  verbose="off">
>        <fileset refid="srcfiles.fs"/>
>      </javadoc>
>    </target>
> Jan

Thanks, it works.

None of this is documented in:

Common attributes are documented at:

but "refid" is not in the list.  May I suggest that somewhere in the document
"refid" be explained?  Granted, it might be somewhere else already, but I do
not want to read the whole documentation for finding it...

It would be nice if these common attribute could be documented in each task...
I only reconfigure the build.xml file once in a while, maybe once or twice a
year.  I forget things and I do not want to read the whole documentation just
to bring a small change.  I read "FileSet" and "Javadoc" documentation, but
nothing there hinted me how to perform what I was trying to do.  If the common
attributes where listed, with a link to the generic page explaining them, I
would have found this.

Best regards,
Hans Deragon
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