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From "Rhino" <>
Subject Re: issue getting file using scp call within ant
Date Tue, 23 Nov 2004 15:52:32 GMT

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From: "Dan Symula" <>
To: <>
Sent: Tuesday, November 23, 2004 10:33 AM
Subject: issue getting file using scp call within ant

> Ive built a fairly simple ant script to go to several different machines
> and get some files.  The script runs correctly, and gives no error
> messages. However, for two of the machines it goes to, the files are not
> received, the other two it does receive files. The output says the file is
> being recieved, but it does not show up. The script uses the scp command.
> I can manually get the file using the sftp command, so it seems
> communication is working bewtween machines. It also seems that there is no
> syntax type error, since the file builds, and works for half the machines.
> Im stumped to explain what is happening.. Any suggestions would be
> appreciated.

Since you haven't provided any code and say that you aren't getting any
error messages and you do successfully get files from two of the machines, I
can only guess that you have made a mistake in your code and are actually
receiving the files from all 4 machines but, in the case of two of the
machines, you aren't writing them to where you intended to write them on
your local machine. Perhaps the variable describing the target directory
does not have the value you think it does and the files are actually getting
written to a different directory.

If that doesn't turn out to be the problem, perhaps you need to check that
you are using a current version of Ant and of the jsch jar. See the Library
Dependencies section of the manual for the details of what jars you need and
where to get them.


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