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Subject Re: auto configuration
Date Thu, 21 Oct 2004 22:01:06 GMT

Properties in ant are immutable.

If you need to change a property (which is sometimes unavoidable) you will
to include the 3rd party open source antcontrib library and use the
variable task.

I every site needs to replace a certain set of variables maybe they don't
need to be present in global properties file. I wrote a system where it
ready a global properties file then an environment properties file (which
depended on which environment I was deploying to prod, test, dev) but I did
not have any overlapping properties in the two.

Good Luck

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i just convinced my project to user ant. they think it is a great tool and
we are currently trying to move all our build scripts over.

i have a question however.

our application only gets delivered to currently 5 locations. (it's a
specialized program) and we would like to make a configuration file for
each site.

right now we have a general properties file called ""
and we have an install proceedure to change certain lines.

we would like to set up ant persay to read in another file called
"" read in all the properties and automatically change the
values to the proper values need for site1 in


then in

the reason is 3 fold. 1. our config fil is 70% the same for each site and
2. reduce error on install instructions. 3. we have 3 different
configuration files for 3 different sections of the program (don't ask me
why) and i figured instead of creating 15 configuration files then i would
have 8 files. 3 config files and 1 for each site with the replacements to

i;ve been suggested to create a

and copy the appropriate properties file in the build script however i
believe this would be bad since a developer might forget to  update all 15

thanks for any help!


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