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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject RE: xmlproperty path issue
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2004 16:32:03 GMT
> From: Jacob Kjome []
> > Also, glad to hear import allows you do have a nice generic
> > build file. But what prevents you for putting the Path info
> > in the lightweight importing build file then? It's the project
> > specific build file at this point, no?
> Yes, but I'd rather not have any references to any of the specific
> dependencies
> in the build file.  The <path>'s have <pathelement> entries such as
> <pathelement location="${log4j.jar}"/>.  I don't want to reference
> ${log4j.jar} or any other named dependency in my generic build file.

Same here, which is why I said you should define the path in the
*importing* build file, not the generic *imported* one.

> That way, one can use the build file in another project with no
> changes whatsoever and simply edit the <xmlproperties> file as needed.

I much prefer to edit the *importing* build file, rather than
properties files, XML or not, that it import (directly, or thru
the generic build file it imports). I've actually gone away from
using much external properties files, except for user-specific configs,
and I put most everything in the build file directly.

I prefer everything in one place, the build file. Well, two places
now that there's the importED generic build file ;-)

> It seems natural to me to expect to modify
> a properties file more often than a build file.

Well, not really. I use a tiny project-specific build.xml
that imports a generic build file, adding properties or targets
as needed to customize the behavior of the imported build file.

Sometime it's completely empty, and just the name of the importING
build file is used thru ${}. --DD

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