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From hanasaki <>
Subject scoping issue with macros in included included ant file.
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2004 01:04:35 GMT
includes buildroot.xml

includes buildmacros.xml and
includes another build2.xml file dynamically based on a property set in
the first build.xml (the one called from the command line)

The goal is to have polymorphism of macro names that are defined in
buildmacros.xml.  build2.xml will redefine some of the macros from

The result will be macros such as "compile" what will be general purpose
while macros such as "assemble" will be polymorphic.  For example:
assembling a WAR file is different from assembling an EAR or JAR.

The use of a macro, not in the default xmlns, from buildroot, fails
because the ant xml interpreter tries to resolve the macro in a
specifically defined xmlns prior to including the buildmacros.xml

any thoughts or suggestions as to how to address this are most appreciated.

Thank you.

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