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From Robert Dockins <>
Subject Re: AW: parsing ant build scripts from unusual sources
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 18:15:07 GMT

Erskine, Chris wrote:

> So, if I understand you right, you are saying that because the build.xml
> file was not read from the file system, I will have problems assuming where
> the other files like .properties files will be?  I guess that I would have
> the same types of issues on things like where the source files are located
> and where I want to build to.

I think the real problem is that the <import> tag has some assumptions 
that are broken by reading from non-locatable sources.  From the ant manual:

file -- The file to import. If this is a relative file name, the file 
name will be resolved relative to the importing file. Note, this is 
unlike most other ant file attributes, where relative files are resolved 
relative to ${basedir}.
optional -- If true, do not stop the build if the file does not exist, 
default is false.

So, <import> resolves NOT from ${basedir}, but from the location of the 
build.xml file.  I expect this breaks when build.xml wasn't loaded from 
a file (although I haven't tested it).  So, "Don't Do That".  It seems 
that <import> is a special case, as most (all?) other tasks will be 
resolving files relative to ${basedir}.  (Maybe it's worthwhile to have 
a version of import that resolves to basedir?)  The ant.file property 
causes some headaches as well.

So, I suppose the answer is that general purpose build scripts (which 
may assume that the live on a filesystem) break when not in a filesystem 
(not surprising given that you've broken an assumption).  On the other 
hand, self-contained build scripts that don't reference ant.file seem to 
be perfectly content being loaded in an unorthadox manner.  This is an 
OK limitation for my application; if others are interested in this kind 
of thing, perhaps a simple docuentation fix is all that is necessary to 
allow InputStream parsing?  OTOH, perhaps no one but me cares....

Robert Dockins

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