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From Robert Dockins <>
Subject Re: AW: parsing ant build scripts from unusual sources
Date Fri, 15 Oct 2004 14:26:19 GMT
>>From: Robert Dockins []
>>It seems to me that the restriction is mostly in people's heads :)

> Hmmm... The fact is that no build uses anything else than File-based
> build files at this point. Just try to use a resource from an imported
> build 'stream', like for example a .properties file, without making
> assumptions where the imported build is coming from (i.e. load the
> resource relative to the imported build, wherever it is).

I don't really understand what you mean.  Are you saying that
the build XML is specified in a .properties file? A la,

buildscript=<project name="someproject"> ... </project>

or do you mean something else?  If there is some problem that you 
anticipate, I'd like to understand it so I can test it.

> Until you've got that working, don't boast too quickly ;-) --DD

Fair enough.  What I *do* have working, is loading a build script from a
database text field, and running the build in a base directory that is 
determined by other information in the database record.  The builds I am 
running are pretty simple at the moment, so I wouldn't call it a 
comprehensive test, but I haven't encountered problems yet.

Robert Dockins

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