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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Re: manifest problems
Date Mon, 04 Oct 2004 23:58:08 GMT
David TROGDON wrote:
> I intially started by specifying the manifest file but ANT truncates the
> lines at exactally 70 characters no matter how I format it and the
> classpath ends up bad.
> Any help on how I might clear this up would be appreciated.

Read this:

On a recent bug report, I attached a small bit of code to print out the 
manifest classpath from a Jar to show that the 70 char limit is not a 

My advice would be to back to doing it properly and determine why the 
classpath as you specify it is not working.

As to your specific issue, you are including the manifest as

<fileset dir="${build.filter.dir}/meta-inf/"/>

That's going to put that manifest file in the jar root, as you observe. 
You need to do this as

<fileset dir="${build.filter.dir}">
   <include name="meta-inf/*"/>

to retain the relative path in the jar. Once you do that, I think the 
jar command will probably process the manifest anyway, getting you back 
to the 70 char issue.

If you *really* want to build the jar manually, you need to use the 
<zip> task and then you'll need to start getting your case right - i.e. 
META-INF, not meta-inf. You don't want to go here.


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