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From Ivan Ivanov <>
Subject RE: Propostion for improving PropertyFileInputHandler
Date Thu, 28 Oct 2004 16:25:38 GMT

my idea is that now PropertyFileInputHandler is not
very intuitive to use and the unprepared user might
encounter the same errors as I encountered. What we
have now is:
1) If we use prompts with spaces, we should remember
to  escape the spaces, the way Stefan showed which is
at least tedious.
2) Prompts are changed frequently. In the case of my
task I changed them more than 10 times to adjust them.
And when we change them we should touch them in the
properties file - again tedious. 
3) Nothing guarantees that the used prompts are
unique. You say that in my concrete sample I can
rearrange them and I agree completely, but the
non-uniqueness opens the possibility of unintentional

In my case, I checked -propertyfile option as Matt
Benson showed and it seems to work for me so there is
at least one way to do my job. 

Let's not forget however that all the three issues
will be solved by making PropertyFileInputHandler use
addproperty attribute and that is why I suggested it. 

In short I will be happy if the patch is accepted and
I will not be unhappy if it is not accepted :))

Cheers to all of you, friends

--- Bill Rich <> wrote:

> This example points out a failure in the way the
> prompts are stated and not
> in using the prompt as a key. In the example the two
> prompts are exactly the
> same. I would assume that I would respond with the
> exact same value to both
> of the prompts because that is what I am asked for.
> If the interface wants both the user's first name
> and last name then the
> prompts should be "Enter your first name" and "Enter
> your last name". If
> this is true then the prompt is adequate for the
> properties file. If the
> same value is wanted in both properties then I don't
> understand the example.
> Thanks.  Bill 
> Bill Rich
> Wilandra Consulting LLC
> 1325 Addiewell Place
> San Jose, CA  95120-3905
> phone:      +1 408 268-2452
> mobile:     +1 408 410-9713
> Santa Cruz: +1 831 464-9007
> fax:        +1 413 669-9716

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