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From "Anderson, Rob (Global Trade)" <>
Subject RE: using ant to archive a file
Date Tue, 26 Oct 2004 15:54:51 GMT
I would suggest puting the config.xml into version control. Then only keeping 1 or two backups
deployed in the environment. This would allow you to loose the DATETIMESPAMP and just rename
it to config.xml.bak and config.xml.bak.old. Then you can delete the xml.bak.old and rename
the .xml and .xml.bak with each deployment. If you need to go back more than 2 versions, go
to source control and get the one you want.

-Rob Anderson

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> From: Mark Lybarger []
> Sent: Tuesday, October 26, 2004 4:35 AM
> To: Ant Users List (E-mail)
> Subject: using ant to archive a file
> i'm looking for an ant task that'll do something similar to 
> VMS's file versioning.  when putting a new file out, i'd like 
> to have the old one still there (perhaps with the ability to 
> specify how many old versions to keep). does something like 
> this exist? 
> here's my specific issue: when deploying our app, we 
> currently backup our weblogic config.xml to 
> config.xml.bak.DATETIMESTAMP.  this keeps the old config 
> around for reference.  the thing is, i only need maybe 10 or 
> so old version laying around.  this gets cluttered quickly on 
> our cruisecontrol instance that's getting updated every hour or so.  

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