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From Benjamin Grover <>
Subject Slow/wrong behaviour of unzip within build
Date Mon, 18 Oct 2004 17:40:47 GMT

I'm trying to do the following within my build:

1)  Copy all of the files needed for the package
javax.mail.internet.MimeUtility to work.
2)  Using ant unzip to get those files from
weblogic.jar where ${weblogic} is the jar location:
<unzip src="${weblogic}" dest="${jar-tmp}">
        	<include name="javax/mail*"/>
        	<include name="com/sun/mail*"/>

This used to work under 1.5.4 version of ant, it would
copy all of the files and subdirectories under
javax/mail and com/sun/mail.  However, I updated to
1.6.1 and it stopped working.  I found there was a bug
for patternsets in 1.6.1, so I upgraded to 1.6.2. 
1.6.2 still doesn't copy the files I expect it to copy
to the {jar-tmp} directory.  Also, it is much slower
than the 1.5.4 version for unzipping, it takes
somewhere on the order of 20 times longer to build.

I'm running on a windows box.

Are there any work arounds anyone knows about? 
Are there any fixes in the works for the slow
performance/broken functionality?


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