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From Ivan Ivanov <>
Subject Help request on <cvschangelog>
Date Wed, 06 Oct 2004 11:59:55 GMT
Dear Colleagues,

I want to generate reports for the files that have
been changed in our project between two cvs tags. The
reports are simple: they should include the name of
the files that have been changed, the files that are
added and the files that have been deleted between the
two tags. The cvs command that closely meets my needs

cvs -q rdiff -s -r tag1 -r tag2 module.

However, the format of the output is not what I want
so I decided to use <cvschangelog> (which calls cvs
log command) task since it outpur is XML and I can
easily apply whatever XSLT transformation I need.
However, I have these questions:

1) (It is more a cvs question). What parameters should
I pass to <cvschangelog> task (hense to cvs log task)
so that only the files modified/added/deleted between
the two tags be included?

2) <cvschengelog> has tag attribute which queries the
changelog for a specific branch. However, cvs log
command supports two tags
cvs log -r[rev1:rev2]
Does this means that I cannot compare two tags using

I got a little bit obfuscated with this and I do not
not to check manually what files should be included in
the report so I will greatly appreciate any help?

Thanks in advance

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