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From Jacob Kjome <>
Subject RE: xmlproperty path issue
Date Tue, 12 Oct 2004 15:40:56 GMT
Quoting Dominique Devienne <>:

> > From: Jacob Kjome []
> >
> > I'm not 100% sure this is a bug, or just a known limitation of
> > <xmlproperty>, but I'll give it a go and see what others think (I'm
> using
> > Ant-1.6.2, btw)...
> Jacob, isn't <xmlproperty> kind of superseded by <import>?
> I've never used the former, so maybe I'm missing what it's
> good at... --DD

Hi Dominique,

I'm not sure I'd call <import> a replacement for <xmlproperty>.  That's
equivalent to calling <import> a replacement for <property
file="">.  I like to use <xmlproperty> to be able to define
structured properties.  Consider this.... 1 2


      <Name>App 1</Name>
      <Name>App 2</Name>

Whether you like the XML syntax -vs- standard dot syntax for normal property
files is a matter of personal preference.  The above is contrived, but I've
found my real world XML properties to be easier to understand and maintain.  
All I'm saying is that there is still a use for <xmlproperty> whether or not we
have the use of <import>.

Now, to the original point of <path>'s defined in <xmlproperty> not working like
<path's> defined elsewhere.  I define my dependencies in an <xmlproperty> file
and make use of the ability to define <path>'s in that same <xmlproperty> file.
 It keeps things together and keeps my main build file clean of this
configuration information.  I hardly ever have to touch my generic build file
that I import into other projects.  I just have the generic build file load the
 <xmlproperty> file and update the <xmlproperty> file as needed.  It has worked
very well until I ran into this issue.

The bottom line is, shouldn't a <path> defined in <xmlproperty> work identically
to a <path> defined directly in a build file?  Any response that doesn't
directly answer this question is missing the point.  And please see my original
email for an example of the issue.  I'm hoping this can be fixed before the
next release of Ant.



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