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From "Rhino" <>
Subject Re: Improving Tasks
Date Fri, 22 Oct 2004 15:16:38 GMT

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From: "Stefan Bodewig" <>
To: <>
Sent: Friday, October 22, 2004 9:55 AM
Subject: Re: Improving Tasks

> On Fri, 22 Oct 2004, Rhino <> wrote:
> > I'm starting to get the hang of Ant now and am starting to think
> > about developing some tasks to increase what it can do.
> Welcome.
> > 1. Provide for a masked input field so that it could be used to
> > prompt for a password that would remain unreadable to anyone looking
> > over the users shoulder. (I envision adding a 'mask="true"'
> > parameter to make that possible with the default for 'mask' being
> > 'false'.)
> Good luck ...
> IOW, we've tried before but couldn't produce a cross-platform
> solution.  Maybe you have a new approach, this would be great.
I see! I think I may have to discard this idea after all; I just assumed
that the reason a masked field wasn't available in <input> was because no
one ever bothered to add it. I didn't realize that it had been tried but ran
into portability issues. I certainly don't have any brilliant idea about how
to make a masked field portable.

> > 2. I'm thinking about adding the capability of having a radio button
> > group and/or drop down lists so that there are some additional ways
> > for users to provide input.
> Take a look at InputHandler[1] - you can provide a Swing InputHandler (I
> vaguelly recall somebody has coded this already).
> > The problem here is that I haven't any real idea how to go about
> > this. How would I get my hands on the source code for the existing
> > task without stepping on anyone's toes?
> No worries.  Nobody owns any tasks in Ant.
I'm glad to hear that; I don't want to start off by upsetting people who
feel "ownership" over the existing tasks.

> > Would my enhancements have to be approved in advance or would I
> > submit them and then go through some kind of voting process by Ant
> > users with my changes discarded if I didn't "win" the vote?
> Please read around a little in the Contribution and Project Managment
> sections of the Ant website.  "Votes" on changes would be performed by
> the committers (not users) on the dev@ant list.
> > What testing would I have to do to satisfy the Ant community that my
> > code was clean enough to implement?
> JUnit tests speak louder than any screen shot 8-)
Thanks for your answers ;-)


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