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Subject How to organize project properties.
Date Tue, 07 Sep 2004 22:37:41 GMT
This is more of a data organization question rather than ant question.
I want to keep all configuration data in a sepreate properties file. 
either plain text or preferably XML.
say for plain text

#sys-name java-src jsp-src java-dest jsp-comp-dest
system1 /proj1/src /proj1/jsp /proj1/classes /proj1/servlets
system2 /proj2/src /proj2/jsp /proj2/classes /proj2/servlets

The XML file can be something like
<system value="system1">
        <java-src value="/proj1/src" />

Now my main build script should either iterate over the entire set or a 
specified set or a single system and 
carry out certain sequential tasks.
I have tried to use <xmlproperty> task to initialise, but how do I 
iterate. for e.g.
in first loop the property should be /proj1/src , 
while in second iteration it
should be /proj2/src.
Is this doable, any other alternatives that you may have implemented ?

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