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Subject style task: issues with long filenames
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2004 03:01:11 GMT

Hello All,

I'm having an issue with using the ant style task (when trying to use

I have ant 1.6.2 installed with xalan 2.6.0 installed in the $ANT_HOME/lib

When i try to execute a transformation on a filename over a certain number
of characters, i get this error from ant:

C:\cc_views\n143028_build_modifications_view\ias-dev\ias-app>ant checkstyle
Buildfile: build.xml

    [style] Processing
 to C:\cc_views\n143028_build_modifica
    [style] Loading stylesheet
 Fatal Error!

 (Filename too long) Cause:

 (Filename too long)

 Fatal Error! Fatal error during transformation Cause: Fat
al error during transformation
    [style] Failed to process

The following error occurred while executing this line:
 Fatal error during transformation

Total time: 32 seconds

The offending line of the ant macro is:

<style in="@{checkstyledestdir}/checkstyle_report.xml"

The transformation seems to work ok when started from a smaller directory
(so C:\workspace\ias-app\build.xml as opposed to what is listed above).

Is there something i am missing here? Any help would be appreciated.



Mark Angrish
J2EE Engineering Room
Extend Development Centre
National Australia Bank
4/500 Bourke Street, Melbourne

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