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From "Jeff Davidson" <>
Date Wed, 15 Sep 2004 20:33:01 GMT
Yes, there is.  I found the same error message when launching Ant from
Cruise Control.  The Launcher class used to reside in ant.jar (in
1.5.x), but is now deployed in ant-launcher.jar (in 1.6.x, as far as I
know).  I don't know the configuration for Weblogic, but you'll need to
add ant-launcher.jar to the classpath that it's using.

In my case, Cruise Control's latest iteration (still in CVS, not
released yet), uses the newest version of Ant, but cruisecontrol.bat
doesn't add ant-launcher.jar to its classpath when launching.  I had to
manually make that change myself.


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From: Travis Quarterman [] 
Sent: September 15, 2004 13:23
To: Ant users

Is there a problem with me using a newer verson of Ant with Weblogic?
Weblogic comes with and older version 1.5, but I am wantingto use the
newer versions of Ant. I suspect that my CLASSPATH is incorrect or
something is misplaced, beucase when I run a task i get the following

Exception in thread "main" java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:

- Thanks 
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