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From "AntDoc" <>
Subject AntDoc needs to survive
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 21:02:19 GMT
High to all;

I'm facing a problem with AntDoc since I'm all alone to work on it haven't
touched it for more than 6 months (one important missing feature is the
'import' new Ant task support).

So, I was wondering wether this was worth the cost that I package it so that
it becomes an actual open-source project (under SourceForge) for instance. I
many people answer by "yes", I will do my duty and do the necessary work.

I'm would like to be confident on the fact that some persons will join the

At the moment, I'm working on XMLReleaseNotes (XRN), and I'm quite occupied on it... If you want
to take a look, you're welcome, I think that's worth it...


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