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From Tim McNerney <>
Subject Re: Aggregating filesets dynamically
Date Mon, 20 Sep 2004 16:54:24 GMT
Stefan Bodewig wrote:

 > On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, Tim McNerney <> wrote:
 > > So the question is, is there some way to dynamically create a
 > > fileset, containing the aggregate of other filesets, each with a
 > > differing base dir and the number of which is not known beforehand?
 > No, unfortunately there isn't.

This is what I suspected, but I'm glad to have it confirmed before I 
start working on less savory solutions for my problem.

 > The main reason is that a <fileset> has a single base directory by
 > defintion, so whatever the result of the joined <fileset>s would be,
 > it would not be a <fileset>.

Yes. And this is causing me pain in other places. But I have managed to 
work through it in most cases.

 > Our generic file collection ATM is <path>, even though it hasn't been
 > designed for this purpose.  But even if <batchtest> supported a nested
 > <path> (which should be rather simple), I don't see how to dynamically
 > create a <path> from a comma separated list of directory names - at
 > least not without writing a custom task that does it.

I'll look into the former as a possible generic solution and the latter 
to perhaps help us in our specific case.
 > The "real" solution would be support for arbitrary file collections
 > inside of Ant - and inside of all Ant tasks.  So far the goal has been
 > stated more than once but the way to get there is so long and made
 > more and more difficult by backwards compatibility that nobody has
 > really tackled it yet.

Thanks for the info.


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