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From "Daniels, Doug" <>
Subject RE: How to echo date-time to log file?
Date Tue, 14 Sep 2004 14:24:07 GMT
Here's an idea:

You create a target in your build file called TimeStamp. Then to use this task you make <antcall..>'s
to it and pass in the LogFile, and the Message properties to it. This allows you to have a
generic logging timestamp task that can log messages to files with a timestamp.

Maybe someone has an idea of extending this, using macrodef, or whatever, I haven't really
looked at that part of ant yet. Here is an example build file to give you an idea of how it
can be used:

<project default="buildPartX">

	<target name="timestamp">

			<format property="logtime" pattern="yyyy.MM.dd ':' HH:mm:ss z" />

		<echo file="${LogFile}" message="${logtime} :: ${Message}" append="true" />


	<target name="buildPartX">

		<!-- Define various log files to log to -->
		<property name="BuildLog" value="build.log"/>
		<property name="OtherLog" value="other.log"/>

		<!--Do some work then print message with time -->

		<antcall target="timestamp">
			<param name="LogFile" value="${BuildLog}"/>
			<param name="Message" value="I just finished this part of the build" />

		<!-- Do some more work and print another message to a different log -->
		<sleep seconds="2"/>

		<antcall target="timestamp">
			<param name="LogFile" value="${OtherLog}"/>
			<param name="Message" value="I just finished another part of the build" />



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From: Patrick Surry []
Sent: Tuesday, September 14, 2004 9:10 AM
To: Ant Users List
Subject: How to echo date-time to log file?


This seems like a stupid question (and probably is!) but I can't seem to find 
what I'm looking for anywhere obvious.  I have a build that takes a long time, 
and would like to be able to record the current date/time at various points 
throughout the build.  Just like you get when you run in 'verbose' mode but 
without all the extra verbosity.  Ideally I'd want something like a 'timestamp' 
attribute in the echo task, so I could do things like:

<echo timestamp="true" message="Starting job..."/>
<echo timestamp="true" message="Finished job."/>

Are there any obvious solutions to this - running an exec with a 'time' command 
seems like a hack, <tstamp/> doesn't really do what I want; the ant-contrib 
<stopwatch/> doesn't give absolute times, just differences; the <record/> task

probably could change log verbosity to force ant-generated timestamps at 
different points but again seems roundabout/overkill.


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