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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject RE: running ant from MSDEV
Date Wed, 22 Sep 2004 13:55:10 GMT
> From: roger day []
> I'm part of a team which is trying to bring sanity to a runaway
> unconfigured build system. One of the thoughts is that we use ANT as
> the main driver. However, it's quite likely that some of the
> developers use an IDE to drive the build systems. I've looked through
> google to find out if ANT can be called from MSDEV, but I'not had much
> success. Has anyone used MSDEV to drive ANT? Or any other IDE (outside
> of Eclipse)?
> reading this paper
> seems to satisfy my requirements. But how did he get VisualStudio to
> ant?

You can either (1) use a Makefile project, which allows calling a
Makefile-like external process to build. It has the advantage of being
integrated somewhat, since you press the build or rebuild icon to
launch anything you want. The setup is a little tricky, especially
if you want to debug, but it's possible. You do have to give up or
the duplicate the regular Visual Studio project. (2) Define a little
Macro tool that you add to a toolbar.

We use (1) which calls out Ant which uses CppTasks to compile all
the JNI/C++ code. This is for Visual Studio 6.0. Far from ideal,
but when you do mixed Java/JNI/C++ development and you already use
Ant then everything can be Ant-driven batch-style.

If your project is MSDEV-only, then simple call msdev.exe from the
command line, passing in the .dsw or .dsp. --DD

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