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From javier g <>
Subject sql task problem
Date Fri, 17 Sep 2004 23:20:31 GMT
I'm using the jTDS driver to connect to a SQL Server 2000. I'm also
using (or trying to anyway) Ant's <sql> task to create a database.
Problem is Ant always complain it can't find the driver's class. I
have the jar copied both in %ANT_HOME%/lib folder and in some other
folder (u can see the path in the build.xml fragment bellow), I have
an entry in the global classpath variable pointing to it, I'm refering
to the driver's jar directly from inside the <sql> tag... nothing,
nothing seems to work and I already out of ideas... this is the
fragment of my buid.xml with the <sql> tag:

<target name="database.create" description="create database">
    <sql driver="${database.driver.class}"

            <!-- used to be a property, now it's a real path, yet, it
doesn't work -->
            <!--<pathelement location="${jdbc.driver.jar}"/>-->
            <pathelement location="C:\DataDisk\JavaLibs\jtds\jtds-0.9-rc2.jar"/>


Wonder if anyone can shed some light... Thanks in advance


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