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From David Durham <>
Subject Re: Using Hsqldb for unit tests
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 21:31:24 GMT
Chappell, Simon P wrote:

> I can half answer this now, I'll finish up next week.
> I use HSQLDB for unit testing some of my persistence-related personal 
> code. I haven't run the tests from within ant yet, but I have used the 
> JUnit test facility within Eclipse to run the unit tests.
> Typically I connect using the JDBC string "jdbc:hsqldb:." (with userid 
> "sa" and password "") and that gives me the in-memory database that I 
> can use for my tests. This is very nice because when ever I open a 
> connection to an in-memory database, I get a fresh, clean, empty 
> database suitable for repeatable unit testing (as long as I remember 
> to close the connection when I'm done with it).

Ok, that's the issue:  I'm using one connection to create the tables and 
another connection is trying to insert into those tables.

> If you remind me, I can share some code samples.

Well, from what you've said, it's looks like I'd need something like

setup() {
    //create tables

testSomething() {
    // create object that inserts into table(s)
    // check select object from table(s)

tearDown() {
    // close connection perhaps (*)

* I use OJB, so perhaps I can get around the "only use a single 
connection problem" by using a pool of 1 connection.  Still, I'm using 
torque to create the tables based on an XDoclet generated 
project-schema.xml.  Getting all of this into connection seems like a 

What do you think?

- Dave

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