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From David Durham <>
Subject Using Hsqldb for unit tests
Date Fri, 10 Sep 2004 21:05:32 GMT
I have a couple of questions.

First off, I'm trying to use hsqldb for rapid development/prototyping.

I'm thinking I can do the following in a series of ant tasks:

   1. Connect to Hsqldb using the "mem" subprotocol simply by having the
      hsqldb jar in a classpath.
   2. Use XDoclet, and Torque to create tables -- I have this basically
   3. Run unit tests with classes that use these tables.

Here are my questions:

   1. Can I connect to hsqldb:mem:
          * using username: sa and password: <empty>
          * in seperate ant targets (as in, create-db, and*)

    * and expect to have access from a* target to the tables
      created in a create-db target.

So far, my work indicates that it's not the case.  I have it setup to 
create tables, but when unit tests run, they through various SQL errors 
from "can't find table", to "no such username: sa"

Does anyone who can give me some help have a setup like this working?  I 
figured this was a common usage of hsqldb, is it not?



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