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From Richard Grey <>
Subject Re: ant script task examples
Date Fri, 01 Oct 2004 13:54:33 GMT
I do something similar below. Using Ant Contrib optional library. This can be modified so that
the srcFile has the directory contents in it etc.

		<loadfile srcFile="update.txt" property="sql.update.scripts">
					<replacestring from="${pvcs.project.profile}" to="${profileHome}" />
					<replacestring from="${previous.label}:=" to="" />
					<trim />
		<!-- loop through scripts, executing each -->
			<isset property="sql.update.scripts" />
				<ac:for delimiter="${line.separator}" param="sql.script" list="${sql.update.scripts}">
						<echo message="Running @{sql.script} ..." />
						<antcall target="RunSQLScript">
							<param name="sql.script" value="@{sql.script}" />

Richard Grey

--- "Mark Lybarger" <> wrote:
does anyone know where some examples of using the ant script task can be found?  i'm looking
to use a simple script which iterates over each file in a directory and calls another ant
task passing in the filename.


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