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From "William I. Zumwalt" <>
Subject help calling import of prop file to set globals
Date Sun, 12 Sep 2004 03:18:39 GMT
Hey all,

How would I go about the following ... I have a
classpath I'm trying to set that uses a property from
a properties file as shown in my init-platform target,
but because it hasn't been set yet (i.e. havn't yet
called my init-platform target) ... it of course is
not found. I'd like to somehow call this target so
that I could then set my global properties (I'm
calling them global but, these would be the props I'm
setting that are not in a target).

Any ideas?

--- build.xml ---

<project name="Code Construct" default="main-build"
   <path id="classpath.jboss.lib">

	<!-- my PROBLEM, jboss.lib not yet set from prop file

        <fileset dir="${jboss.lib}">
            <include name="**/*.jar"/>

    <target name="init-platform">
        <condition property="platform" value="linux">
            <equals arg1="${}" arg2="Linux" />
        <condition property="platform" value="macosx">
            <equals arg1="${}" arg2="Mac OS X"
        <echo message="Using ${platform}.properties"
        <property file="etc/${platform}.properties" />

init-platform target would source in these properties
from my ~/etc/ file ---


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