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From Angeshwar Deepak <>
Subject Re: Problem with <var> task
Date Thu, 02 Sep 2004 08:45:41 GMT
I tried a very simple example

<var name="x" value="6"/>
    <if name="x" value="6">
        <var name="x" value="12"/>
    <echo>${x}</echo>   <!-- will print 12 -->

and i get the error.

Class net.sf.antcontrib.logic.IfTask doesn't support
the nested "var" element.

so propably the ant-contrib version is wrong, but all
the if and for loops works fine. has anyone so far
used the var task and got such an error, if so which
version r u using?

if i use 
<var name="x" unset="true"/>
statement, then i get a different error.

 The <var> type doesn't support the "unset" attribute.

I am using ant-contrib-1.0b1, i have also tried with
older versions.
Someone kindly suggest me some solution.

with regards,

Angeshwar Deepak <> wrote:
Hi all, 

I am using a var task to reset the value of a property
inside a for loop. Since a new value will be taken by
property I have to reset it somehow. I am also using 
task to check for the presence of file. 



The  type doesn't support the "unset" attribute.-->


Can some one kindly tell me whats wrong with the var
task I am using, all I want to do is to unset the
property name p1 so that it can be used again in the

Even a simple example is not working, i copied the



for this again I get the same error
The type doesn't support the "unset" attribute.

Whats the problem. I am using ant1.6.2 and I also have
the ant-contrib jar in classpath.

with regards,

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