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From "James Huang" <>
Subject [Ann] Ant task for the JudoScript language
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 06:25:44 GMT
Hi, Ant users and development team,

I have created a <judoscript> task and am hereby submitting it to be added 
to the Ant task list per the instructions on the Ant web site. The following 
is the information to be added to the external.xml found on Ant's web site:

8< ----------------------------------------------------------
      <subsection name="JudoScript Ant Task">

        <p>The &lt;judoscript&gt; task is an easy way to embed JudoScript 
code in the Ant build script. The tag format is quite simple. You can either 
embed code directly, or can specify an external JudoScript program file as 
the <code>src</code> attribute value. Parameters can be specified as the 
<code>params</code> attribute; this is applicable to both embedded code and 
external files.</p>

        <table class="externals">
            <td>Ant 1.5 or higher</td>
            <td><a href="">James Jianbo 
            <td>Lesser GNU Public License</td>
---------------------------------------------------------- >8

Alternatively, I wish this <judoscript> task can become an optional Ant 
To do this, the Ant project team needs only do these:

1. In org/apache/tools/ant/taskdefs/, add the following

2. Simply have class 
extend class com.judoscript.AntJudoScriptTask.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Thank you very much!

-James Huang


JudoScript is a functional scripting language. Its focus is on practical 
uses, although it is also a potent, "top-of-the-line" Java scripting 
language, and employs an enhanced JavaScript-like programming model. 
JudoScript focuses on practical uses by including domain-specific supports 
such as JDBC scripting, SGML and XML scripting, file system and OS commands, 
internet scripting, Ant task scripting, and others. Many Ant tasks have 
counterparts in JudoScript that are easier, more flexible and powerful. The 
synergy of having these practical utilities atop of a powerful programming 
and Java scripting language makes JudoScript very useful in software 
building process, data processing, document management, Java software 
testing and prototyping, and any daily operations.

The web site contains all the latest documentation and a large number of 
examples; the following articles can also help:

JudoScript web site:

JDBC Scripting I & II,

JudoScript: Scripting for Java and Beyond:


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