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From "Jerry Brown" <>
Subject RE: Having problems with reference not being found in 1.6.2
Date Wed, 11 Aug 2004 19:04:32 GMT
We have a ton of <ant> tasks. We have a cmbuild.xml file that does the

	<target name="build.hcom" depends="init, mks.tasks.hcom,
clean.base" if="doH
        	<ant dir="${hcomjava}/build" target="full-deploy">
            <property name="newLabel" value="${}"/>

which in turn does this in a build.xml file in another directory:
	<target name="hcom-build" if="doHCOM">
        	<!-- Build the jar, this will do a full clean build,
clean the jars, and
 copy the new jar. -->
            	<isset property="newLabel"/>
                	<!-- checkin new jar with label. -->
                	<ant dir="${hcom}/build" inheritAll="false"
                    	<property name="deploy.dir"
                    	<property name="newLabel" value="${newLabel}"/>
                	<!-- do not checkin the jar. -->
                	<ant dir="${hcom}/build" inheritAll="false"
                    	<property name="deploy.dir"

which in turn does this in a targets.xml snippet in yet another

	<target name="compile" description="compiles all source into
${build}" depends="
init,doclasspath,wsdlcompile" unless="doWdslClient">
        	<ant antfile="${masterbuild.dir}/compile.xml"
dir="${src}" inheritall="f
                <property name="masterbuild.dir"
                <reference refid="compile.classpath"/>
                <property name="src" value="${src}"/>
                <property name="build" value="${build}"/>
        	<antcall target="jar"/>

which in turn does the compile task I spoke of in the initial message in
a compile.xml file:

	<javac debug="${compile.debug}" srcdir="${src}"
             destdir="${build}" target="${}">
            <classpath refid="compile.classpath"/>

>From your reply I am supposing that something has changed in the <ant>
task. What is the difference? I make a lot of <ant> calls in my scripts,
so this is likely to blow me up in a lot a spots.

> If your build file doesn't have any <ant> or <antcall>, then 
> this should
> work in Ant 1.6.2. What you describe sounds like a regression, but
> please provide more context to access it fully. We'd need to know the
> sequence of targets called that defines the ID'd <fileset> and the
> <path> and the one leading to <javac> using the Path id. If you could
> boil it down to a very simple build that also fails with 
> 1.6.2 but works
> with 1.5.4, that would be even better. Thanks, --DD

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