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From Matteo Giacometti <>
Subject Ant 1.6.2 UNC paths are not supported
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 09:22:23 GMT

Hello everybody, this is my first post :)
I'm tryng to use vssget task on a windows 2000 terminal server with Ant
This task works fine on an old WinNt server with Ant 1.5
This is the task def:
<vssget login="${login}" vsspath="${repository.lib.luxdev}"
     recursive="true" version="${version}" ssdir="J:\JavaVSS\javalib\win32"

Where J maps \\myserver\share (under Nt I use \\myserver\javavss.... And it
works fine)

This is the error Ant prints:
   [vssget] '\\myserver\JavaApps\jluxdev\JavaDeploy\cfg' is an invalid
current dir
ectory path.  UNC paths are not supported.

\\myserver\JavaApps\jluxdev\JavaDeploy\cfg\javasrc.xml:66: The following
error occ
urred while executing this line:
\\myserver\JavaApps\jluxdev\JavaDeploy\cfg\javalux.xml:120: The following
error oc
curred while executing this line:
\\myserver\JavaApps\jluxdev\JavaDeploy\cfg\javalux.xml:141: Failed
executing: J:\J
avaVSS\javalib\win32\ss Get $/JBuilder/lib/luxdev  -I-N  -R -V
With a return code of 1

I obtain "  UNC paths are not supported." message also if I try to use the
exec task.

Does anyone have similar problem?

Could you help me please?

Thanks in advance

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