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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: CruiseControl, Ant Hill, Build Monkey...
Date Sun, 29 Aug 2004 14:45:09 GMT

Alan Brown wrote:

>I've looked into these tools a bit (since being pointed toward them).
>One feature that I would need that isn't obviously apparent is modular
>builds with dependencies.
Have a look at gump. (
Gump is a build tool which is used to build multiple projects, with 
metadata (gump descriptors) describing the inputs and outputs of each 
Gump can be used to build any sort of application landscape (but 
probably mostly Java Apps with ant build files and CVS or SVN repositories).
I guess with some extension work, gump could also support other project 
level make tools than ant and other repositories than cvs or svn.
Anyway, this one is interesting.

Gump is currently used for automated builds of  a large part of the Java 
Open Source codebase, including most of the Java projects of the Apache 
Software Foundation.

Cruise Control as I see it is a tool to run continuous integration 
builds, ie to start builds immediately or near immediately, triggered by 
changes in the repository.


>If the only check in is in the tests directory, then all I need to do is
>rerun the tests.
>If a change is made to the client then I need to rebuild the client and
>rerun the tests.  Likewise with the server.
>If a change is made in the schema I need to drop and recreate the db and
>run all tests.
>This seems like that kind of thing that would certainly be supported by
>'build' tools but the products certainly aren't fighting among
>themselves to see who can say so the loudest.
>My other requirement is that it be free!
>Any opinions on which tool is the way to go.  At the moment I'm still
>leaning toward building it myself with subant tasks that run a
>cvstagdiff and write to a central properties file if a diff is found.
>The build process can then read that properties file and build and test
>But if people strongly support Ant Hill, CruiseControl or Build Monkey
>I'd like to be swayed.

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