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From Hans Deragon <>
Subject Re: Cannot get exclude attribute to work in a dirset.
Date Sat, 28 Aug 2004 22:16:45 GMT
Dominique Devienne wrote:
>>From: Hans Deragon []
>>    <javac debug="on" verbose="off" destdir="${build}">
>>      <src>
>>        <dirset dir="/data/devel/java">
>>          <exclude name="**/*old*/**"/>
>>          <exclude name="**/*old*"/>
>>          <exclude name="**/*old"/>
>>          <exclude name="*old*"/>
>>        </dirset>
>>      </src>
>>    </javac>
> <javac>'s <src> tag is a path to find source dirs, which are
> fully scanned for Java source files. So it's probably not what
> you want.
> Assuming you have a single source dir, which contains some
> packages which the string 'old' somewhere in their name, you
> want to use a simple <fileset> excluding **/*old*/**. --DD

Thanks for the suggestion, but it does not work.  <src> does not accept a fileset:

is not a directory.        at

It seams the only way to perform what I want is to use the <javac excludes=""

I wish I could break these excludes= parameter in javac because my line is
pretty big as I have many files to excludes, files that are not java files.

Best regards,
Hans Deragon
Consultant en informatique/Software Consultant
Deragon Informatique inc.     Open source: (Promotion du libre)
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