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From Thomas Hackel <>
Subject AntBuildLib with generic targets possible ?
Date Thu, 19 Aug 2004 09:11:15 GMT

I have two buildfiles. One generic and one project dependend file.
The project dependend build file calls targets in the generic buildfile.

How is it possible that the called buildfile/target can define 
properties & id's so that the caller can use them?

The properties are not visible to the caller, it seems that the 
properties are "build-file-local" variables.

So i thought including the generic buildfile to the project buildfile 
could solve this task, but also no success.

Is there a solution to have a kind of general targets library which also 
can modify properties of the caller ?

Or is this a complete wrong design concept and exchange of properties 
(to is working, from not) is not possible in this way.

I am using currently Ant 1.6.1 (Inside of Eclipse)


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