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From Marco Montel <>
Subject Re: problem using ant custom task with cron
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2004 07:26:59 GMT
Sanaga, Pramod R wrote:

>I wrote a small custom ant task to read a properties file and load all the property values
in the file into a single property(pack.list). I am then using that property in a for each
loop to build the components. I copied the .jar file to /usr/local/ant/lib. 
><taskdef name="CustomPropertySelector" classname=".CustomPropertySelector" classpath="CustomPropertySelector.jar"/>
><CustomPropertySelector propertyName="pack.list" delimiter="," propertyfile=""
><foreach list="${pack.list}" delimiter="," target="build" param="" />
>This ant file is running fine when I run it from the command prompt in linux. But, when
I run it using crontab, it exits with the following error.  I have set all the java_home,
ant_home etc. variables in the crontab file using name=value pairs.Could anybody suggest what
is going wrong here?
Are you sure that your CustomPropertySelector does not catch an
Exception or goes in error and therefore the pack.list will not be set ?
Could you post the your code here ?

bye marco

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