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From "Gera, Prateek" <>
Subject Split build file
Date Tue, 31 Aug 2004 23:57:45 GMT
 Is it possible to split a build project into multiple files, one main
build file and the rest smaller that do only a part of the full build
The smaller build files may not be executed independently. 

This will help be freeze my main build file and create smaller xml's to
execute any new tests as and when required.
Only minor changes would be required to main build file.

Something like this -
< project name="buidandtest" default="def"  basedir-".">
  <include file="test1.xml"/>
  <include file="test2.xml"/>

Upon encountering <include> the execution would jump to test1.xml or
I have considered using <ant> command in main file but my smaller build
file needs to call back targets in the main file and then it will get
too complicated.


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