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From "Bill Rich" <>
Subject RE: Cannot get exclude attribute to work in a dirset.
Date Sat, 28 Aug 2004 15:37:00 GMT
Try something like this to see what is in the dirset then you can tinker
around with it until you get what you want.

<path id="apath">
  <dirset dir="${env.ANT_HOME}">
    <include name="**/**"/>
<pathconvert refid="apath" property="ap" targetos="windows"/>
<echo message="A path is [${ap}]"/>


Bill Rich
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From: Hans Deragon [] 
Sent: Saturday, August 28, 2004 7:46 AM
Subject: Cannot get exclude attribute to work in a dirset.


  Using 1.6.2 here.  I am trying to exclude any directory which would
contain the string "old" in its name.  Following the snippet of my

    <javac debug="on" verbose="off" destdir="${build}">
        <dirset dir="/data/devel/java">
          <exclude name="**/*old*/**"/>
          <exclude name="**/*old*"/>
          <exclude name="**/*old"/>
          <exclude name="*old*"/>

  Yet, when I run, I see:

    [javac] StockDB.old/ added as StockDB.old/CieDesc.class
doesn't exist.

  First, anybody has a clue why StockDB.old is included in the list even
though I try to explicitly exclude any "old" directories?

  Second, is there a feature in ant where one could simply test
dirsets/filesets (without coding)?  It would be nice if one could create a
test build.xml file with only dirsets/filesets and have the results printed
on screen, to test if the patterns are ok.

Best regards,
Hans Deragon
Consultant en informatique/Software Consultant
Deragon Informatique inc.     Open source: (Promotion du libre)
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