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From Jérôme Grelier <>
Subject Compiling PL/SQL
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 17:31:18 GMT

I would like to compile several PL/SQL packages via the sql task.

Apparently the only way for the sql task to be able to do that is to set the
delimitertype attribute to "row" and the delimiter attribute to "/".

Setting those attributes seems to make the sql task "happy" and everything
looks good. But ant does not detect any compilation error! Here a simple
example in verbose mode (using ant 1.6.2):

[sql] SQL:
[sql] Create OR Replace Package pkg_utils_date
[sql] AS
[sql]    Function rdc_date_get_jou(
[sql]       p_datin   IN   DATE
[sql]    )
[sql]       Return VARCHAR2;
[sql] nd pkg_utils_date;
[sql] 0 rows affected
[sql] Committing transaction
[sql] 1 of 1 SQL statements executed successfully


As you can see the "End..." instruction is missing one character. If I have
a look at the database the pl/sql has been loaded with the missing
character: it is in an invalid state and it does not compile. But ant says
"SQL statements executed successfully" and my script does not stop.

I tried to change the value of the onerror attribute but it does not change
anything (the default value is abort anyway, that is what I would like it to

What I am doing wrong?


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