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From Ivan Ivanov <>
Subject Re: using ant to tag a cvs repository
Date Tue, 24 Aug 2004 11:54:01 GMT

--- Mark Lybarger <>

> we're using ant tasks to do our qa/production
> builds. it pulls a branch/tag from cvs and does what
> it needs to build the artifact.  currently, we're
> not "tagging" that build so that we can re-pull that
> exact copy out of cvs. i'm not explictly familiar
> with cvs, so, two questions.  is tagging what i want
> to use, or a branch? 

I think you need tagging. Branching is needed when a
concurrent development is needed. The exact cvs
command for tagging (using command line cvs client)
cvs rtag tag_name.

The corresponding ant script is
<cvs command="rtag tag_name"/>

> i don't really want to branch
> each time we do a qa build.  does anyone have an
> example of a ant cvs task that does what i'm after?

Yes, <cvs> task. it supports command or commandline
attribute, which copy closely the commands of the
commmand-line cvs client.

HTH Ivan

P.S. One example when branching is needed is when you
release a build say buildA, then start to code the
next release say buildB, but some bug requests come
for buildA. You can not fixed them in the current CVS
HEAD since it contains the half-ready buildB (that
will be realeased in the future). So you branch make a
branch for buildA and fix the bug there. You can later
(when buildB is ready) merge the branch for buildA
with the main trunk.

P.P.S. You create a branch from a tag with the command
cvs rtag -b tag_name

> here's what we currently use to do the build:
> 		<cvs
> 			package="${cvs.module}" tag="${tag}"
> dest="${cvs.module.dest}" />
> much thanks!
> ~mark
> >
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